The Combate Submission Invitational is a submission only event. The only way to win a cash prize is by submission! No points will be scored, No advantages will be scored and there is No referee decision.

Each athlete will be competing for a cash prize.  In order to win the cash prize you must submit your opponent.  If a match ends with no submission the athlete’s cash prize will be held and placed in a pot.  All unclaimed cash prizes will be split amongst the athletes that win by submission.  That means each athlete will receive the individual cash prize plus a portion of the unclaimed cash prizes.

Complete the CSI registration form for your chance to be invited to Saskatchewan’s #1 Submission Only event.


Each athlete will be allowed one coach in his or her corner.

Time Limits

  • Adult – Black Belt – 10 minutes
  • Adult – Blue Belt to Brown Belt – 8 minutes
  • Masters – Black – 8 Minutes
  • Masters – Blue Belt to Brown Belt – 7 minutes
  • Juvenile – White to Purple – 6 Minutes
  • Youth – White to Green Belt – 5 Minutes

Ways to win a Match

  • Win Via Submission
  • Win Via Opponent Disqualification
  • Win Via Forfeiture

Illegal techniques

  • No Hair Pulling
  • No Striking
  • No Butt Scooting
  • No Eye Poking
  • No Scissor Takedowns
  • No Fish Hooking
  • No Stalling
  • No Knee Reaping (Juvenile/Youth Only)
  • No Slamming (Juvenile/Youth Only)

Legal Techniques

  • All Juvenile and Youth will follow all legal IBJJF Legal moves for their age.
  • Wrist locks
  • Compression Locks
  • Knee Bars
  • Twisters
  • Bicep Slicers
  • Electric Chair Submissions
  • Calf Slicers
  • Heel Hooks
  • Toe Holds

The referee at all times has at his discretion the ability to end the fight or modify a rule to maintain the safety of the fighters and the integrity of the tournament for reasons that include but are not limited to:  poor sportsmanship of competitor or coach, arguing with officials, use of foul language, attempting to use dangerous techniques etc.